An Introduction

My goal is to use this blog as a means to open a dialogue between and its various stakeholders. Through this blog I’ll provide insight into the everyday goings on of a startup through the lens of my personal experiences. Like any good conversation between two parties, an introduction is in order.

As the founder and CEO of I’ve learned a great deal about programming, the world of business, and most importantly, myself. A few months ago I would never have thought of myself as a entrepreneur, probably because a couple of months ago I did not have an idea that I believed  I could turn into a service which can eliminate a need in the workplace which I could ultimately monetize. Above all else, I’ve discovered the value in an idea and the importance that one’s conviction has in the process of transforming an idea into a marketable product. is the result of the desire to meet a need as well as my own personal passions. While working at my day job, I discovered that my managers lacked a simple system to efficiently and effectively communicate with myself and my fellow coworkers. Specifically we lacked a system to communicate schedules and any desired changes as well as the need to standardize policies and department specific procedures in an easily accessible format. I took it upon myself to devise a means to allow our department of 20 or so staff to communicate with each other inside as well as away from the office in a way that would eliminate any ambiguities that might arise from the old system, this meant using the web. This gave me an excuse to pursue my personal interest in web programming despite having zero previous experience.

Though I had a very primitive understanding of programming having taken a semester of it in college, there is no doubt in my mind that I would be starting from the beginning. I spent countless hours watching YouTube tutorials as well as accessing various other web resources and began what would eventually become Make no mistake, what you see now is indistinguishable from the early iterations of the website. Naturally I ran into many frustrating challenges, especially in the beginning, but luckily my perseverance, and admitedly my stubbornness, got me through them all. As I continue to  develop into a full service application for inner and interdepartmental communication I still, and will inevitably always, encounter obstacles. While they are now much greater in complexity, their solution remains the same, perseverance and resourcefulness. Programming is often about thinking outside the box, and on more than one occasion I’ve been forced to redesign the box entirely and then think outside of it.

In keeping with the box metaphor, becoming a business man has essentially forced me to learn what a box is, its function, and its role in turning my idea into a product. With absolutely no previous business experience I’ve learned how to network, secure financing, and establish a vision for the future of my company. The most difficult part was not getting overwhelmed by the daunting prospect of entering the sink-or-swim environment of the business world. This required confidence in myself and my product which I then leveraged into a determination to succeed. Once I was confident that I had a valuable product I began researching resources available to entrepreneurs that has lead to strategic partnerships which have allowed me to continue to develop and whose absence would drastically adverse the ability of my operation to grow and meet its full potential.

In the grand scheme of things I’m still very much in the early stages of what I hope to be a long and successful venture. The development process is never finished and will continue to evolve to meet the ever-changing  needs of our customers. I’ve already learned a lot to get me to where I am now but I have no delusions about what I will have to learn to get me where I want to be in the future. The road ahead is a treacherous one peppered with challenges that I can not even begin to fathom. I will not be deterred and resolve to face any challenge the same way I always have, with an open mind and determination. My peers have provided invaluable feedback during this process which continually imbues me with a fresh perspective and I am confident that they will continue to do so in the future. Starting a successful business is not impossible and I, a 24 year old student with zero practical previous experience, will prove it to you.


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