And we’re off!!!

There have been many developments at MyOfficeTool since the last post. The software has seen countless changes, team members have been added, and we’ve made some strategic partnerships with key organizations in our market. We’ve taken some very big steps to grow our company from a startup into a self-sustaining, competitive business. Our latest development, the one that will dominate the remainder of this post, is our successful application to the Startup Garage program which includes $20,000 in grant funding, mentorship from industry leaders, and the use of office space at the gorgeous Invest Ottawa office building in little Italy.

That’s right, MyOfficeTool Inc. was chosen, along with seven other teams, from a pool of 26 applicants to take part in the Startup Garage, a program dedicated to accelerate the growth of student ventures into successful businesses; all it took was a gruelling 8,000 word application (we may have overdone it). In an effort to avoid any embarrassment that might result from not actually being accepted due to legal, availability, or eligibility issues, we decide that we would not make any kind of announcement until we had the money in our hands and had moved into the office; which is today!

As you might imagine, today marks an important milestone in MyOfficeTool history; our first day in our new office. Pretty sweet digs if you ask me: chairs, a big shared cubicle, kitchen, all the coffee you can drink (which is great because that’s a lot). We finally have the resources to allow us to bring our company to a higher level by having the whole team work in the same space. We’re still getting ourselves settled in and we haven’t moved all the essentials yet like our motivational posters, comic book collection, and disco ball, but we’ll get there. In the mean time we’ll have to make due with our brand new laptops and software which will definitely keep us busy and productive for the next three months. Startup Garage is the perfect opportunity for us at our stage of development and if you’re a fledging technology company you should definitely check it out here.

We’re looking forward to working with the other teams here, a very diverse group each with their own expertise, as well as the mentors and program coordinators. We have set for ourselves some very… ambitious deadlines in an effort to bring a quality product to market and we’ll take all the help we can get. The next few months are definitely going to be very exciting for us so be sure to follow us on twitter for updates about the everyday goings on and shenanigans at MyOfficeTool (shenanigans not guaranteed).


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