If starting a business were like building a house, then before anyone can even begin to lay the foundation they would need a blueprint. I feel as though the same thing can be said about starting a company. I’ll spare you the use of metaphors from here on in, especially those involving construction as I am the furthest thing from handy and because I haven’t fully grasped the medium. But what I will say is that before we can move forward we need to know where forward is; thus the importance of having goals.

Here at MyOfficeTool and I’d imagine most other businesses, though I can’t really vouch for any other business, we have three kinds of goals: technical, business, and personal goals. Each goal or objective starts off as fairly vague, such as to increase our client base, and becomes increasingly specific like say, make 15 cold calls per day to potential customers, until we get to the very bottom of what the goal entails, get a company phone (which we don’t have yet…). For those visually inclined it would look something like this:

  • Business Goals
    • Increase client base
      • Make 15 cold calls per day to potential clients
          • GET PHONE!!!

Ultimately, the sum of these goals and our ability to fulfil them will be that against which we will measure our success. Success comes in many forms so it’s important to know what we want to accomplish, how we will accomplish it, and how long it will take to accomplish otherwise we’ll never know where we are and if we have to change our direction. With that in mind, an important concept to keep in mind is the minimum effective dose, or roughly the least amount work to get the job done.

That is not to say that one should not always strive to bring to market the best possible product but, everyone will encounter a point where continuing to work on something, anything, will yield fewer rewards than if they were to focus their efforts on another task. That said, especially when we consider our limited amount of time and our tight deadlines, it’s imperative that we prioritize on doing everything necessary to meet our overall goals and not focus on the minutia which has a tendency to consume us.

And so, while we were getting settled in last week and had little opportunity to get really organized, now is the time to decide what we’re actually going to do with our time and resources here at Invest Ottawa and as part of the Startup Garage. We’ll have access to unique resources during our time here so our first priority will be to ensure that we exploit… I mean, utilize them to their full potential. Once everyone knows what they’re supposed to do we can get this party to hit the road, which is like a canvas on which an artist can… I’m really not good at metaphors.


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