The Grind

We all have to do it; day in, day out. Usually in hopes of achieving some goal we’ve set for ourselves. Sometimes it’s as simple as just getting through the day or week and sometimes it’s trying to get your latest product update out and ready. I’m talking about nothing less than “the grind”.

The grind is a lot like your parents that you hate to admit were right while you were going through the angsty/rebellious/generally annoying teenage phase that some of us went through. They knew what you should be doing, knew that you knew that you should be doing it, and knew that you resented them for knowing that you knew, that they knew that you knew that you should be doing it but weren’t doing it anyways… Yes, I believe that I’ve convoluted the point yet again with a bad metaphor (or simile) but hopefully you understand the underlying message. Whether we like it or not, we all have things to do every day that need to get done and whose neglect may lead to a slow a steady spiral into failure or worse, into mediocrity and irrelevance.

Patrick, our CEO, works tirelessly every day (12+ hours) coding away in front of his dual monitors to bring the product’s functionality from where it is to where it has to be as well as conducts CEO duties like set up meetings and interact with clients. Tom, our webmaster, manager of business development, book keeper, and employee extraordinaire works on so many different and important things that I can’t even tell you what they are because they are so many and vary so greatly on a day to day basis. Carlos, our designer, with his creativity and attention to detail is constantly refining images and our website layouts to convey our message as clearly as possible. Glen, our director of communications and yours truly, conducts research (which, admittedly, often constitutes being on Twitter and other blogs) and writes and edits copy so that what you read is intelligible at the very least but is ideally informational and clear. You can check out our individual bios here and find out more about each of us and what we do.

That’s what the grind is going to look like to us for the next couple months as we take part in the Startup Garage at our Invest Ottawa office. It’s not always fun but at the very least it’s educational. Every day we’re literally going further into unfamiliar territory and learning as we’re going. Naturally we have a lot of resources here at Invest Ottawa and in the Startup Garage program which really helps us with our daily grind; also unlimited coffee and the all important Beer O’clock. Let us know what your daily grind looks like and how you manage it.


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