What We Do

Workforce Management Software

What is Workforce Management Software you ask? Well, the answer depends entirely on who you’re asking. At its core, workforce management software is a means for decision makers to gather information electronically about various aspects of their business to help them make informed decisions. Traditionally, organizations implement unilateral¬†processes which exclude everyday employees from access to information that they need or can benefit from. Ultimately employees feel left out and alienated from their superiors.

The MyOfficeTool Difference

Our philosophy is that the best decisions are made with the best information. In order to get the best information possible, businesses and organizations must leverage their most versatile resource, its employees, by including them in the dialogue and exchange of information. This is why the MyOfficeTool Workforce Management Suite includes employees in all data collection processes and gives them access to all the information they need to properly fulfil their duties and responsibilities.

Take for example the dreaded time clock. Many of us have used one and have always felt like it’s judging us, I know I have. We punch in and out every day and never really know how we’re doing or what our superiors are doing with that information.

With our system, employees can see the history of their attendance and how it compares to the average of their peers. With this information, employees can themselves be encouraged to take corrective action by knowing that their managers know exactly what the employee knows and could be reprimanded if they fail to address the situtation.

This is just one of the ways that Organizations can benefit by empowering their employees with workforce management software rather than just making them subject to it.

Check out our Mission and Mandate here to find out more about why we do, what we do.


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